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The keys to the future

The keys to the future

Education and exchanges are the two major keys to the future.

The intensification of political and cultural exchanges between citizens plays a central role in the creation of a European identity and stimulates forms of cooperation between European citizens.

ERASMUS plays a vital role in strengthening the mutual knowledge of different European cultures, building common ground, and in the emergence of a European people.

The EDP requires that ERASMUS benefit from increased budgetary resources - to the tune of a threefold increase in its annual budget - and has its scope extended to young apprentices, artists, and young entrepreneurs.

We need our young people to build a common European history, to know and understand the work undertaken by our common Institutions on the basis of common territory.  It is essential to go beyond borders in order to progress towards a European public sphere, through means of communication at European level that contribute to the creation of a European common sphere that complements the national, regional and local sphere. The EDP wants the creation of a European media dedicated to youth, which would raise awareness of our common membership, could be promoted by public authorities as is already the case for Arte.