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Reaffirming our shared values

Reaffirming our shared values

The European Union, like any other political community, needs a common set of values ​​and references to ensure its coherence, guide its choices and endow these with legitimacy and meaning.

These values, which are at the heart of our common identity, have been forged over centuries of turbulent history. They have been neglected at certain times, flouted at others, but they have always triumphed in the end.

These values are strong: respect of human dignity, the rule of law, freedom, equality, solidarity and responsibility.

They are embodied in our societies through pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, respect for national and linguistic minorities, gender equality and the separation of powers. Even if they are already present in the founding Treaties, they will only take on their true dimension when they are written down in gold letters in the European Constitution to which we aspire