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Fight against climate change

Fight against climate change

European policies undertaken for many years to tackle climate change are among the most ambitious in the world: the European objectives of the 3X20 (-20% of CO2 emissions, +20% of renewable energy production, -20% of energy consumption, all by 2020).

But while the United States has turned its back on the Paris agreements of 2015, Europe must take the initiative again. In this context, the EDP reaffirms its conviction that the transition to a green economy must represent the third industrial revolution, creating millions of jobs in Europe and worldwide, and makes the following recommendations:

  • Setting a price on greenhouse gas emissions. Coal is the main cause of global warming. Today, coal is cheaper than gas, which is less polluting. Putting a price on greenhouse gas emissions is the strong signal that companies are waiting for to turn to renewable energies.
  • Expanding the tax on financial transactions. An innovative, sustainable and non-discriminatory source of financing, it can be used to set up a global investment fund to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Setting up global instruments for monitoring and evaluating the commitments made by Member States at COP21. Such instruments represent a guarantee that the commitments made will be fulfilled, in a spirit of transparency and common responsibility. They will also allow commitments to be increased every five years.
  • Pursuing a more ambitious policy in addressing problems concerning forests, agriculture, the countryside and food. In particular, we suggest vegetalisation programmes in urban areas particularly prone to heat waves in summer, and programmes to increase the protection of forests and trees (especially in urban areas).       
  • Creating a European civil protection force to respond to natural disasters in our respective countries.
  • Deciding, following the example of what was created with the Common Agricultural Policy, to create a Common Energy Policy whose founding act would be to launch a 100 billion euros climate investment plan, supported by the European Investment Bank, for the period 2019-2024, consisting of concretely lending to Member States, local authorities and companies, the funds necessary to increase their investments in 4 areas tenfold: energy renovation of buildings, smart grids, energy storage systems, and renewable energy production.
  • Reorganising European governance of the sea and oceans in order to strengthen Europe's leadership
  • Banning non-recyclable plastic by 2025 and ending programmed obsolescence by extending warranties.

The EDP’s second priority is the fight to preserve biodiversity: a European ambition for it to attain the same level of importance as climate change. The European Democratic Party would like to ensure full awareness of this situation and would recommend the following:

  • Re-initiating a dialogue between the EU countries to plan a ban on the most toxic chemical substances and to accompany each decision with an accompanying plan for the professionals and sectors most affected by these bans. In any case, preparing a new decision to ban glyphosate by 2023 (and not just to re-deliberate its marketing authorisation).
  • Initiating a series of measures applicable to products imported into the EU territory that do not respect the environmental measures we impose on our producers and companies.

Adopting an action and support programme for sheep farms directly facing cohabitation with large predators (bears, wolves, lynx, etc.).