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A new model of sustainable agriculture and fisheries

A new model of sustainable agriculture and fisheries

The EDP, while recognising the added value provided by European agriculture, supports the development of a new sustainable, efficient and productive model of agriculture combining ambitious economic and environmental objectives for the benefit of farmers, consumers, rural communities and the environment.

The EDP would like to see sustainability, innovation, food security in all parts of the Union, competitiveness and tackling climate change as the key drivers of the reform.

Moreover, the budget for the Common Agricultural Policy should be sufficient in order to ensure adequate funding for its objectives and to avoid any possibility of renationalisation in the future.

The EDP supports a Common Agricultural Policy that is fair to all farmers. However, we are aware of the fact that natural conditions, costs of production and general living standards are not the same everywhere in Europe. And this must be taken into account in the redistribution of support. We therefore consider that an EU flat-rate payment system would not fully reflect EU agricultural diversity. The CAP should also reflect the objectives of the European social pillar in the fight against rural poverty and unemployment. 

We support the continuous orientation of the Common Agricultural Policy towards the market and not the return to failed policies, insisting that this should not be made at the expense of food security and quality, animal welfare, the environment or undermine farmers' ability to earn a fair income for the delivery of their products to the market.

The EDP is in favour of a Common Agricultural Policy that promotes a variety of agricultural models and supports a gradual transition towards farming methods that minimize the use of plant protection products and replace them with environmentally friendlier alternatives, ensure high animal welfare standards and increase traceability, ensure sanitary and phytosanitary standards, preserve and restore biodiversity and tackle food waste. These measures should be accompanied by concrete Union targets and indicators, where feasible.

We support a future Common Agricultural Policy which emphasises the importance and encourage the development of food quality schemes such as geographical indications, in recognition of the added value provided by European agriculture. EU quality products are part of EU culture and heritage, represent an enormous European asset worldwide and are key to boost rural economies and SMEs.

In conclusion on the CAP, the EDP believes that investment in innovation, digitalisation, education and training are vital for the future of European agriculture - to “link what we know to what we grow”.

The Common Fisheries Policy is a key policy for the Union and compliance with all the provisions should be necessary in order to protect our fishermen’s jobs and the marine environment.  A properly functioning control system would contribute to the viability of the whole sector; a special attention should be given to the approval of the new protocols on partnership agreements already applied in the fisheries sector. Brexit is likely to have a significant impact on shared fish stocks and market access, which is why a fisheries agreement is a priority.