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Election Manifesto - EUROPE STAND UP!

For the first time in its history, the European Union -a unique project in the history of our continent - might break up, fall apart, and even cease to exist. The combined effect of the turmoil caused by poorly regulated globalisation, the severe economic and social consequences of the financial crisis, the impact of an unprecedented technological revolution, and the chaotic management of migration flows, has led to political or extremist forces seeking to exploit the concerns and fears of worried and confused citizens.

Europe needs a clean break, a profound democratic radical reform. The people of Europe have been excluded from the vision and destiny of Europe. Europe cannot exist without its people.

It's time for European Democrats to assert themselves.

The parties that have dominated the European scene in recent decades are no longer able to rekindle the tremendous European momentum that the founding fathers managed to create.

They are tired and have let down the people:  the gap between the citizens of Europe and European institutions has been widening. Furthermore, European policies are  all too often inadequate or incomplete.

It is time for Democrats to take control. We have a duty to share our European dream with citizens. We live by the values of respect for human dignity, rule of law, freedom, equality, solidarity and responsibility.

These values ​​are embodied in our societies through pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, respect for national and linguistic minorities, equality between men and women, and investment in youth and education.

The European Democratic Party wants to and must inspire a new political constellation whose aim is to get Europe back on track.

There is no shortage of projects.

It’s a major challenge, a matter of urgency.

The EDP is taking up this challenge.

For us, it is time to rebuild Europe.